Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Work of Art




Something Beautiful

He's Cedric. My newborn nephew. Born on the 2nd of February 2010. A photograph of him having his diaper changed by his beloved parents(hand in hand they did it together). Something beautiful indeed!

A Great Piece of Architecture

The Esplanande designed by DP Architects Pte Ltd and Michael Wilford & Partners. In February 2001, the superstructure was completed and Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay opened her doors to the world on October 12, 2002. Press releases say that the Esplanade design expresses harmony with nature, reflecting the balance of yin and yang. Vikas M. Gore, a director at DP Architects, calls the Esplanade "a compelling contribution towards defining a new Asian architecture." Gore believes that the curved lines, translucent surfaces, and ambiguous shapes of the Lyric Theatre and the Concert Hall reflect the complexity and dynamism of Asian attitudes and thoughts. "People may find them disturbing, but only because the result is indeed new and unusual," Gore says.

My Best Piece

What is this? A newspaper football. It is made up of pieces of newspaper and scotch tapes. How is it done? All you have to do is to crush a piece of newspaper in to a ball, wrap another layer of newpaper over the previous crushed ball of newspaper, continue to repeat this step a few more times (depending on the size of the football you want it to be) and lastly, tape it up with scotch tapes (covering every part of the ball so that the newspaper will not tear). A few mintues of your time and a newspaper football is made. How did I come up with this? When I was younger, I always wanted a football but my parents refused to get one for me as they felt that I might neglect my studies. Being desperate at that time, I came up with this. My best piece of creative work before coming to university.